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  While there may be some confusion because of imposters, Louisa Holmlund is the Original Naked Cowgirl. Here’s how she got started.

Adventure is in the blood of Louisa Holmlund, aka the Naked Cowgirl. As soon as she turned 18, she served as a volunteer for 5 months at the Heifer International ranch in Perryville, Arkansas. Born and raised in
Portland, Oregon, the experience gave the city girl a taste of country life.     

From there she moved to Maui for a couple of years where she trained to be a massage therapist, as well as learning to surf and dive. She loves the islands and sends out a big "Aloha" to her bros over there.     

Garmisch, Germany, situated in the Bavarian Alps, was her next destination. There she worked at the front desk of a hotel that catered to U.S. military personnel. During the year and a half she lived there, she met people from all over the United States and was able to travel to 22 European countries.      

And that's where she was when she got the call in the spring of 2005 from a New York City girl, who had been visiting Louisa's brother in Brazil. As they sat on the beach drinking beer, she mentioned the need NYC had for a Naked Cow GIRL. Her brother said, "Call my sister!" and the rest is history.     


So now you'll find this lion-haired blonde singing and playing guitar in Times Square - wearing nothing but a hat, boots, micro-mini skirt and, of course, Gina's Gems.

From the country to the city, from tropical islands to traffic islands, her goal is to surprise the people from all over the world that pass by her. Sometimes they will chat and take some pictures; sometimes just a glance or a smile is exchanged.  In any case, it's her way to bring a little fun into the world - and to spread the love. She'd like to remind us all to SMILE - it's contagious!

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The Naked Cowgirl
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